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Why Is There Taxes And How Are They Used By The Government

Have you ever wondered as to why there are taxes demanded by the government for people to pay and also wonder why is it important and where does all those payments go?

These are just the normal questions that many people ask especially those that have really not understood completely about taxes, and some will just take it as it is simply as an obligation to pay.

Taxes take in the different form, according to law, and as a civic duty, either you are an employee or a business person, you are liable to pay the taxes designated or appropriate rate when you purchase products or you operate on properties you also pay taxes.

It can be collected from the local, national or federal level, depending on where you are located and all these taxes will go to the government that have multiple parts and that even includes those that are in the position in the government and they receive their pays thru the taxes.

And when you notice the rest of the people that are working for the different agencies in the government, those that takes care of your government files and documentation, roads getting repaired, the public libraries you go to, the entertainment parks, hospitals,and many other facilities that you have used and enjoyed all these came from the taxes that you paid.

There are those uniformed men that protect you, medical aids, government missions and reach out programs, assistance in calamities, and infrastructure projects, there is just so much more than you can name and the list just goes on.

It can be said that if there are no taxes then it will follow that there will be no government, no laws, no services of any kind unless each will do his or her own services, like have their own fire truck, ambulance, garbage collection system, and everything else that you get serviced for.

So if the case be that in general everything that you have enjoyed today in your community and government from the well paved and maintained roads and all the facilities is all due to your taxes.

If you just take a look at every side of you and have a better perception of what you are beholding, you will understand clearly as to why taxes are important, and now you understand this, you will have a different outlook now of how you perceive taxes and its purposes that you are being asked to make a payment for.

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